Finding the Trail of the Last Tiger

Tesso Nilo & Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park

This is a 3-day trip along the trail of the main species of endangered Sumatran elephants and tigers in pockets of habitat remaining that Tesso Nilo National Park. Closer look at how the conservation of forest areas to provide safe and decent home for wild life therein.

Getting to know the people around the forest, they become artisans of traditional honey. We're lucky if we have the opportunity to experience how to harvest honey directly. Certainly memorable and a bit challenging to control from the strain of dealing with a collection of bees.

Through the forest at night to see the wild life that is active at night. Finding the uniqueness of the wonders of the universe through the natural light from the stars, insects, and even a pair of animal eyes that light up like a light bulb. Feels very stressful but definitely very impressive.

Open your eyes in the morning accompanied by the chirping of birds dancing on the canopy of trees. While enjoying a cup of coffee to make us even more in a live atmosphere there. Hearten to participate explore the heart of the jungle with elephant up the smart mammals. The fact that we have, the ranger Elephants can be used to assist in patrolling the forest.

Continue the adventure towards the hilly forest of Sumatra was fragmented Thirty Hill National Park. Home last refuge for wildlife of Sumatra key: Orangutan and Tiger. A visit to see firsthand the ecosystem conservation efforts. This area is one of the best locations in which the Sumatran orangutan reintroduction to return to live freely in their habitat.

Join a facility inspection camera trap monitoring tigers and get to know how the ranger seeks to preserve forest sustainability and biological riches therein. The more thrilling and awesome participate menulusi forest at night.

Time to yourself to interact and get to know people Talang Mamak in the surrounding forests Thirty Hill. Share stories about the local knowledge held by the public to live a life of their association with forest areas. Down the river on the plains further enhance tropical adventure.

Overall this trip to be a profound experience to walk the land of hope that are important for biodiversity conservation Sumatra. Life in the wilds of Sumatra amazing, is an inspiring journey where to reconnect you to people, nature, and yourself.

Day 1

  • Flight Jakarta to Pekanbaru
  • Transfer to Tesso Nilo National Park
  • Visit the honey farming
  •  Enjoy the natural atmosphere in the Flying Squad Camp
  •   Trekking night to see a nocturnal life in the jungle
  • Stay overnight in the Flying Squad Camp

Day 2

  • Enjoy the morning with romantic tropical atmosphere
  • Elephant walk to forest patrol trail
  • Transfer to Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park
  • Check the camera trap for Tiger monitoring
  • Night Safari

Day 3

  • Enjoy the fresh air in tropical forests
  • Overland journey towards Rantau Langsat
  • River cruising to Talang Mamak village
  • Back to Pekanbaru and take a flight to Jakarta

Price includes:

  • Transportation (car)
  • Entrance tickets to National Park
  • Following the program as per itinerary
  • 2 nights' accommodation with twin shared room facility
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks according to itinerary
  • Travel insurance by AIG / AXA / Zurich
  • Generic medication
  • Sebumi travel gimmick
  • Sebumi tour leader
  • Local guide


Not included:

  • Domestic or international flight tickets
  • All personal expenses that are not included in the program of each itinerary

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Tesso Nilo National Park can be reached via direct flights from Jakarta to Pekanbaru. Then transfer to the park by car about 4 hours. After visiting the Tesso Nilo, continued to Bukit Tigapuluh by 2.5 hours driving. Back to Pekanabaru after the trip ended and take a flight to Jakarta.

3D2N Tesso Nilo & Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park

A 3-day 2-night journey to Tesso Nilo & Bukit Tiga Puluh and see the best of what the rich area has to offer.

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IDR 3,250,000 per person


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