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Tanjung Puting National Park

Orangutans are the only great ape species that can be found in Asia. However, the current population is dwindling due to habitat destruction and poaching. Orangutan funny shape is also the reason these animals is much used as a pet. Did you know why Orangutan important presence in the forest? As a fruit-eating animals, orangutan plays an important role as an agent of forest regeneration. In one day orangutans roam 600 m to 900 m area, all the exploration they will stop to eat the fruit and leaves of grains. You can imagine how many seeds they spread throughout their journey in the jungle. Tanjung Puting National Park is a historic site in the development of the Borneo Orangutan conservation and research. There we will see firsthand the conservation, study their habitat, and learn the history of research. Through this program we hope to avoid extinction of orangutans and forests as their habitat is preserved.

Day 1

  • Travel to Pangkalan Bun
  • Feeding Ground Activity
  • Proboscis Monkey Observation


Day 2

  • Orangutans Food Checklist
  • Planting Tree
  • Insect Observation


Day 3

  • Interact with Locals
  • Back to Jakarta

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  • Sebumi tour leader
  • Local guide

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  • All personal expenses that are not included in the program of each itinerary

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Tanjung Puting National Park can be reached around 1 hour and half, flight from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun

3D2N Ape's Jungle Explorer

A 3-day 2-night journey to Tanjung Puting National Park and see the best of what the rich area has to offer.

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IDR 4,000,000 per person


20 person

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