Java's Heart Adventure

Gunung Merapi National Park

Although most nearby villages have their own myths about the creation of Mount Merapi, they have numerous commonalities. It is believed that when the gods had just created the Earth, Java was unbalanced because of the placement of Mount Jamurdipo on the west end of the island. In order to assure balance, the gods (generally represented by Batara Guru) ordered the mountain to be moved to the centre of Java. However, two armourers, Empu Rama and Empu Permadi, were already forging a sacred keris at the site where Mount Jamurdipo was to be moved. The gods warned them that they would be moving a mountain there, and that they should leave; Empu Rama and Empu Permadi ignored that warning. In anger, the gods buried Empu Rama and Empu Permadi under Mount Jamurdipo; their spirits later became the rulers of all mystical beings in the area. In memory of them, Mount Jamurdipo was later renamed Mount Merapi, which means "fire of Rama and Permadi."

Mount Merapi at the top is never overgrown with vegetation due to its high activity. Types of plants at the top of the typical alpina type Java mountain ranges, such as Rhododendron and edeweis Java. Somewhat downwards there are bamboo forests and tropical mountain vegetation. The tropical rainforest of the mountains in the southern part of Merapi is one of the most rare endemic forms of endangered Vanda tricolor 'Merapi' orchids. The slope of Merapi, especially below 1,000 m, is home to two national superior salak cultivars, namely salak 'Pondoh' and 'Nglumut'.

Day 1

  • Flight to Yogyakarta
  • Heritage Challenge Activities
  • Lava Tour Experience

Day 2

  • River Challenge Activities
  • Team Building Session
  • Shopping Experience

Day 3

  • Enjoy Borobudur
  • Souvenir Hunt
  • Back to Jakarta

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  • Entrance tickets to National Park
  • Following the program according to itinerary
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  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as per itinerary
  • Travel insurance
  • Generic medication
  • Sebumi travel gimmick
  • Sebumi tour leader
  • Local guide


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  • Domestic or international flight tickets
  • All personal expenses that are not included in the program of each itinerary

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Gunung Merapi National Park can be reached about 1 hour via flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta.

3D2N Java's Heart Adventure

A 3-day 2-night journey to Gunung Merapi National Park and see the best of what the rich area has to offer.

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IDR 1,700,000 per person


60 person

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