Escape into the Heart of Wakatobi

Wakatobi National Park

Traveller  who are looking for the underwater beauty of Indonesia will definitely want to follow the 5 day program to explore the islands. Known as the Island Iron Works, Wakatobi is derived from Wa (Wangi-Wangi), Ka (Kaledupa), To (Tomia), and Bi (Binongko). Being in the coral triangle makes this area a home for diverse biodiversity such as green turtles, napoleon, baronang, and seabirds.

First, we will stay in Wangi-Wangi resort which is right on the shores of Wakatobi. Resort which presents the concept of comfortable wooden architecture overlooking the sea. Spent in Wangi-scented to explore the islands are nearby, view of marine biodiversity with snorkeling, seeing the beauty of the lake in the middle of the island, and observed populations of Dolphins in the morning.

Kaledupa would be home for the next day, which lead us to a deeper exploration of Wakatobi. Getting to know and interact with people who are known Bajau living in floating villages. Seeing the local community in the form of woven handicrafts. And of course, we will probe deeper into the beauty of Wakatobi with snorkeling at Kaledupa.

Continuing the journey across the ocean in the early morning to the next stop Tomia. Enhance the experience of staying on the coast to enjoy a unique culinary Wakatobi. Not only the beauty of the oceans that store, plains and hills there also needs to be explored. Fossilized clams (mussels) in Bukit Kima and a panoramic view of the hills savanna.

Island Binongko in Wakatobi makes the experience so memorable. Let our soul really unite with the beauty beneath the sea, relax in Turkish Books / Palahidu, and see the beauty of the island Binongko top of the lighthouse. Seeing the turtle conservation program by visiting the breeding. When the turtle has hatched we could release the turtles back to their habitat.

Make sure you are ready to follow this adventure, consider the equipment to make the trip safe and comfortable. Bring along Sebumi Ecotravelling Kit to reduce pollution during the trip. Because every traveler has an opportunity and a way to contribute back to the earth in which we lived.

Day 1

  • Flight Jakarta to Wangi-wangi
  • Enjoying Wangi-wanngi and the surrounding islands
  • Overnight in the seafront resort

 Day 2

  • Observe the beautiful Dolphins
  • Interact with Bajau Community
  • Explore the stunning underwater world of the Hoga island
  • Overnight in Kaledupa

Day 3

  • Travel to Tomia
  • Enjoy a unique culinary Wakatobi at the sandy beach
  • Hike up to the hill and enjoy a gorgeous aerial view
  • Stay at Tomia

Day 4

  • Travel to Binangko island
  • Enjoy a unique culinary Wakatobi
  • Visit the breeding center to know the turtle conservation program
  • Enjoy the beautul Binongko Island from the tower’s top
  • Stay the night at Binongko

Day 5

  • Trip back to Wangi-wangi
  • Flight back to Jakarta

Price includes:

  • Transportation (car and boat)
  • Entrance tickets to National Park
  • Following the program according to itinerary
  • 4 nights accommodation twin share room amenities
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks according to itinerary
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Travel insurance by AIG / AXA / Zurich
  • Generic medication
  • Sebumi travel gimmick
  • Sebumi tour leader
  • Local guide

 Not included:

  • Domestic or international airline tickets
  • All personal expenses that are not included in the program of each itinerary

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Wakatobi National Park can be reached through flight from Jakarta to Makassar and then to Wangi-wangi or known as Wanci about 4 hours and 10 minutes. Continued trip by boat to visit the islands in Wakatobi. After the trip end, we back to Wangi-wangi and take flight to Jakarta.

5D4N Escape into the Heart of Wakatobi

A 5-day 4-night journey to Wakatobi and see the best of what the rich area has to offer.

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IDR 4,500,000 per person


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