Gunung Tambora National Park

The Spectacular Caldera of Tambora

Gunung Tambora National Park

In 1815, when Mount Tambora erupted with the world’s largest eruption ever recorded in human history, Europe and North America experienced ‘the year without summer. A climb to explore this mighty mountain offers adventurous trekking through wonderful natural forests and chance to observe directly the crested white-eye bird, hill mynas, rainbow lorikeets and flying foxes. Surrounding Tambora we can also interact with the locals, find archeological sites and trails of its colonial past.


Things to do

Enjoy savanna
Wildlife viewing
Interact with locals
Heritage trail




Spectacular crater, good guides, Way above my expectations. Just Go even in rainy season. And visit to Satonda island with a sea swim was a great way to end the 3 day experience.

Emily, Desember 2016

Tambora is a huge volcanoe to visit in Sumbawa! I think Its the perfect place to hike Mt. Tambora!

Evan R, Januari 2017