Gunung Rinjani National Park

Wonder Rinjani

Gunung Rinjani National Park

This is second highest volcano in Indonesia with 3726 meters peak above sea level. This park is located in the transition zone Wallacea Line where the tropical flora and fauna of Southeast Asia meet with its Australasian affinities. Rinjani mountain is well known with its breath taking view of crescent moon shaped Segara Anak crater lake at an altitude of 2,008 meters above sea level. Experience a life time trekking experience to its peak where you can see from above the cloud, Bali island to the west and Sumbawa to the east.


Things to do

Wildlife viewing
Enjoy hot spring
Interact with locals




This mountain is very beautiful. Amazing walks with beautiful views. I loved the lake and the hot spring. We went to Green Rinjani, and so far they are the best when it comes to trying to preserve the mountain and not leaving any waste behind. I am glad we went to see this beautiful place.

Alfred, Mei 2016

Although Lombok Island is mostly beaches and wonderful seas, there are other many activities to do inland. One of those activities is trekking in Mount Rinjani National Park. Water falls and former volcanoes are the most attractive corners. However, you may find landscapes and forests that you only expect in your imagination. It looks like going back to many centuries ago. This is a must visit place when you happen to be in Lombok,and as soon as you get over there you will realize that Rinjani is a very special Mount!

Rufford, Juni 2016

This National Park offers 2 or 3 days trekkings to the Rinjani Summit. Such a beautiful mountain to visit!

Shandy, Agustus 2016