Manusela National Park

Manusela National Park

Manusela National Park

Manusela National Park has many unique and distinct, like a valley Manusela with landscapes attract and state climate is fresh and pleasant, valley Piliana rich in species of butterfly, Sawai with a variety of beautiful sea corals.

The National Park area Manusela covering 20 percent of the total area of the island of Seram. Here there are Mountains Binaya which is the highest peak in the Moluccas. Most of the region has a very steep slope with deep valleys. In terms of natural resource preservation, TN Manusela has a very important role, especially scbagai refuge source of genetic diversity.


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Maluku (moluccas) once being a civil war field in early 2000s. I wasn't sure really to go there. but when I there, it was really different with when the bloody riot happened. I found a friendly people with smile. I spent close to 2 week in Manusela to photographed birds. And I love that I was there.

Tonny R, 09 Desember 2016

Manusela National Park is wonderful. It boasts spectacular scenery and an incredible array of flora and fauna, particularly avifauna. But best of all, it's pristine. I had never before seen a rainforest in Southeast Asia in which there wasn't a single logging truck or oil palm plantation to be seen on the entire journey! I highly recommend this place to nature lovers, particularly bird lovers.

Umar K, 15 Desember 2016

It's good site for recrational and scientific purposes, I'd say. I mean, the north part of the island. The local guides in Masihulang know this place inside out. Also, regardless of English speaking ability, they are good at plants, animal and everything.

Frangky A, 24 Oktober 2015