Teluk Cendrawasih National Park

The Largest Marine Park

Teluk Cendrawasih National Park

Teluk (Bay) Cendrawasih National Park is the largest marine national park in Indonesia, consisting of land and coastal areas, inland islands, coral reefs and ocean waters. This park is located in the 5 regions and two provinces, namely Wondana Bay District and the District of Manokwari in West Papua province and Nabire, Yapen and Waropen in Papua Province.

Most of the local communities are living around the national park utilizing marine resources as a source of life. The national territory also has a culture that is still well preserved and the heritage is extraordinary. As well as on the island Mioswaar, here there are relics of ancient natural cave has hot springs containing sulfur without salt levels. In numfor there is also a cave in which there are human skulls and antique plates and chests carved.


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We managed to snorkel 3 times with the whale sharks, my husband went diving with them twice, one with the whale sharks and another one at the coral garden. It was really amazing to be around 6 giant whale sharks at one time that swam around us for hours, we were quite scared and worried at first but Yero and his friends were always there to make us feel so comfortable. My daughter enjoyed every moment and swan with those gentle giants confidently. We went for bird watching one morning but unfortunately we had no luck with the Bird of paradise, we saw 2 big cockatoos and a hornbill and it was a great feeling to spot them in a wild. Yes it was really a long journey to get to Kali Lemon, but well worth it. We really hope to come back and stay longer with them.

Shahnaz , 10 Desember 2014