Laiwangi & Manupeu National Park

Sumba Hidden Paradise

Laiwangi & Manupeu National Park

Nestled inside beautiful hilly island of Sumba, Laiwangi Manupeu were previously two National Parks merged into one in 2016. The parks spread from east to the west of the island, offering unique savanna view and its wild horses stretch over many beautiful beaches and hills that will hypnotize you out-of-this-world. The forest holds scenic waterfalls, lakes and rivers with mesmerizing endemic species such as the famous sulphur-crested cockatoo birds. and the ancient ‘apu’ fish. A touch of hospitality of its people and tribal culture blends with the beauty of the land, will give a romantic memory for those who are lucky enough to be able to travel across the island.


Things to do




I went there and visited small lake on top of the waterfall, if you're lucky you can find some big eels which locals belief that they are relates to their ancestors, that's why locals call them "apu" (grandma).

Then I went to Laputi Waterfall, it's a medium 20-minute hike up to the waterfall from the parking area. You can swim on a pool that hold the water before it goes down to hydroelectric power plant, just be careful not swim too close to the pipes.

It took 5 hours motorbike ride from Waingapu due to very bad road condition but if you can rent a car/truck it will be faster.

Joseph T, September 2015

Such an eye opener, you need to experience it. Indonesia is MASSIVE and rich, i learn that i haven't even been anywhere actually. The road to reach the park itself is so vibrant, from Savana to jungle, from horse to boar. Sumbanese are indeed one of the strongest race i've ever met. Such a place that you must visit before you die.

Kelvin, Agustus 2015