Kerinci Seblat National Park

The Forest of Tigers

Kerinci Seblat National Park

An active volcano with the highest volcanic lake in Asia, home to many beautiful plant and animal species. The park is also believed as one of the most important landscape in the conservation of Sumatran tiger with around 200 population. It opens its door for an awesome trip to found the trail of the last Tiger in Indonesia and enjoy the scenic natural beauty of Kerinci.


Things to do

Tea walk
Wildlife viewing
Enjoy lakes
Interact with locals




Amazingly long journey on provate car with experienced driver to reach Kresik tuo village, last village at the foot of mount kerinci (second highest volcano in indonesia). I enjoyed the scenery along the way from Padang to kerinci valley via Muara Labuh, Solok Selatan and Lake Diatas. The narrow lane with bumpy area in parts make the journey as long as 7+ hours + raining along the way. Finally arrived at the hotel at the end of day nearly midnight, I met my local guide , Mr. Endatno, who is a local villager there so no question about the experience. He briefed me about the hardness and the topography of the trail upto the summit, 3805 meters above mean sea level. Then he let me rest to prepare freshness for early morning trip to the 3rd shelter3000 meters for first night stop. On the first day , I met my porter and my local guide, we trekked together from the gate of the national park to posI-III and the stopped for rest overnight at ShelterII because of active sulfur dioxide fume from the crater. It was impossible to stay overnight at the higher shelter III , it was raining at the evening to late night, but I was lucky that it dried out on the early morning of Second day that we woke up early at 3:00am for climbing higher to the summit to see the sunrise. On the secondn part , it was one of the hardest that I need to use hands to climb along the rocks , without any trees at the higher level and the ground was black volcano rocks, sometimes slippery. Let try, finally, all exhaustion disappeared when I reached the summit with the panoramic view of Lake Gujuh( highedt ones in Southeast Asia) and the crater with fuming of Kerinci. That was do fantastic.

Austin K, Oktober 2016