Komodo National Park

The Mythical Komodo Island

Komodo National Park

Listed as UNESCO world heritage site, Komodo National Park is a home for the world largest lizard, the ancient Komodo Dragon. This archipelago also offers rich underwater scenery and biodiversity for marine lovers as well as breath-taking view from the top of its hilly small islands for those who love to trek. Sail along its water could be one of the best life-moment that you’ll always treasure.


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I was there a month ago and it was incredible. Such an amazing experience to see the Komodo Dragons and the wild Komodo National Park. The experience make you feel like Indiana Jones. Then the tour continues by the Pink Beach, which is also fantastic, and many other exotic and beautiful places. Money cannot buy such beauty! well spent!

Herlando, 07 Januari 2017

The medium walk is just perfect, we saw more than five komodos. Another group took the long walk and they only saw 1. Our ranger was very helpful and we felt very safe walking with him. The Komodo Dragons are quite sight and huge, I can't believe it. They can be very active in the morning, so walk in a group!

Dewi G, 15 Januari 2017

Make the walk, medium size was perfect for us while you can see everything there is to see. In the rainy season path can be slippery while it is hot and steamy. Long track is more exhausting. Ask the guides to watch our for the young dragons, they remind you of jurassic park

Zarah, 21 Januari 2017