Gunung Merapi National Park

Heart of Java

Gunung Merapi National Park

Gunung Merapi National Park is the most active volcano in Java, has a natural beauty and unique geology. Mountains with an altitude of 2,930 meters above sea level by 2010, have a deep spiritual relationship with the people of Central Java and Yogyakarta, known as Heart of Java. Been to explore the unique landscape and explore philosophical Merapi.


Things to do

Interact with locals
Wildlife viewing
Vulcano tour




Hiked from dusk to dawn- a little risky but no pain no gain, right? Day trip in a rickety old jeep to the foot of the mountain was awesome. Get to see the ruins of the last eruption.

Linda Y, Juni 2015

This was my first time to go here, and I never imagine that this place is so amazing and wonderful. I love the smell of the woods and the leafs. This National Park is a good place and I think this place is well preserved. I highly recomend this place for a tourist overseas.

Maggy D, Mei 2015

We travelled in the jeep, to the foot to view the majestic Merapi. It was a bumpy, rocky journey like AWD but it was awesome & adventurous ride for us and the kids! The driver was also our photographer!! He was indeed a great job as driver n photographer . It was sad view to witness the devastation of the village with your own eyes . It was indeed educational for my kids to know more about the real world and how fortunate they are now.

Teddy, Januari 2015