Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Land of Beauty

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Gunung (mount) Bromo Tengger Semeru National Parks is always well known as the epicenter of the biodiversities and a representation of mountain ecosystem in East Java that also acts as conservation areas,biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems. So it has been a public secret that it is the epiecenter of beauty in East Java. There are so many natural phenomenons showing the great acts of nature such as the massive rocks on Mt.Tengger where, in the middle of caldera, there are five mountains standing firm which are Mt. Widodaren (2600 m.dpl), Mt.Watangan (2601m.dpl), Mt.Kursi (2581 m.dpl), Mt.Batok (2470 m.dpl), and Mt.Bromo (2392 m.dpl). Out of the five mountains, there is only one that is still active which is Mt.Bromo. Mt.Bromo is a sacred site for the Tengger tribe which have settled down and dominated the population surrounding the national park, held a yearly traditonal events over the years.


Things to do

Sunrise moment
Wildlife viewing
Interact with locals




This place is Magnificent, certainly for the sunrise! It is also great to see it on your own, not with an organised Tour. We just went there with the motorcycle from Malang. It's a long Road, but really worth it!

Mike A, Januari 2017

I went to Bromo twice and it was worth every single time. Incredible experience. Sunset view point is always quite crowded, but you wouldn't wanna miss it.

Nicky W, Januari 2017

A unique place to visit the sun rise over the mountain and the black sand plane. The horse ride to the crater and then the look into the gate of hell,just simmering and smoking.  You can get small bouquets of flowers to throw in as an offering. I didn't know so I didn't have anything to offer. Well worth the trip.

Bruce, Desember 2016