Thousand Islands National Park

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Thousand Islands National Park

Kepulauan Seribu (thousand archipelago) National Park is located 45 km from the northern capital city of Jakarta. This area has a number of an area of 107,489.00, consisting of a cluster that includes 78 islands. Thousand Islands National Park ecosystem composed by some islands are very small and shallow marine waters, coral reefs fringing reef type, Mangroves and Seagrass with very poor growing medium nutrient / mud and shallow water depths around 20-40m.

Conservation activities in this park is the habitat conservation for Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) are protected, and its presence tends to be rare. In addition, many other activities are carried out is the effort to preserve areas for hawksbill turtle at several locations: Island East Peteloran, West Penjaliran, East Penjaliran and the Belandan (Netherlands) island, in addition it has done also development center hatchery, enlargement and release the Hawksbill at Pramuka and Sepa Island.


Things to do

Marine Tourism
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Sea Turtle Conservation
Mangrove Trail




This was a very nice and unexpected trip. The weather was not so good. Few rain drops. Good thing is that it was not too hot, better to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. BUT! Still nice and very relaxing place. U can enjoy a night there which i didn't do but bungalows seems to be nice and comfortable enough.

Masha P, Juni 2016

U will feel like back to the part of earth on hundred yrs ago, but don't worry, daily necessary is provided.

Erni S., Oktober 2016

Came back again in a year time, still same beautiful short escape. this time with extended family & friends, all were happy & satisfied. we brought bread to attract fish to shore. what a pleasant experience. we also canoed around the island, so much fun.

Nathalie S, November 2016