Wasur National Park

The Wetlands Tourism

Wasur National Park

Are you strange with wetlands tourism? Well, you should try to visit ones! Wasur National Park in Papua Island surely will make you amazed!

Wasur itself basically is the name of one of the villages that are within the National Park, which is derived from the word Waisol or language Marori beraiti gardens. TN area Wasur largely inundated for 4-6 months a year and are representative of the most extensive wetlands in Papua. The wetlands in this region has a very important role, especially as a habitat for migratory birds.

The water cycle Wasur an integrity-keeping balance and harmony between fauna and their habitats. In the dry season, the water subsided establish permanent swamp. The marshes here is a life-support creatures that live in the vicinity. So no wonder, many faunal diversity that can be found here. Communities around the region have local knowledge "SASI", ie one Iokal community wisdom in the use of natural resources.


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The national park is nice. But it must be supported again with more adequate infrastructure for visitors.

Giovanni, Desember 2016

Very nice place to visit. I guess most people come to west papua for the baliem valley and raja ampat, but if you have some time in your schedule, this place is really worth visiting.

Thomas G, Desember 2016