Kayan Mentarang National Park

The Transfrontier National Park

Kayan Mentarang National Park

Kayan Mentarang National Park is one of the most important protected areas in tropical Asia. The extent of the area, its location at the important point of biodiversity, the high value of culture, and its role in watershed protection are the main factor that make this region has an important extraordinary value. Kayan Mentarang National Park is the largest protected in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

Most areas of Kayan Mentarang are the upstream of main river in East Kalimantan region, such as Kayan, Sesayap and Sembakung River. Those rivers have important role as a buffer area of public life in East Kalimantan. In the region Kayan Mentarang, there are indigenous territories with approximately 16,000 people who inhabit 50 villages. The community life is still largely dependent on the forest.

Kayan Mentarang national parks directly adjacent to Sarawak Malaysia and both national parks are designated as the Transfrontier Park with Pulong Tau (Malaysia).



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