Kutai National Park

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Kutai National Park

Kutai National Park is a lowland tropical Rain forests in East Kalimantan province that remains. This region has an area of 198,629 hectares that extends along the equator from the coast of the Strait of Makassar as the limit towards the eastern part of mainland along less than 65 km.

In general, Kutai National Park is a lowland with height ranging from 0-400 m above sea level. Hilly topography (corrugated mild, moderate or severe) and in the western and northern hilly with altitude reaches 70-200 m above sea level.


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I booked a tour to see Kutai National Park for two days to see the Orangutan and was NOT disappointed! After taking a 30 minute boat ride up the river to the Prevab ranger station we ate lunch and rested briefly before going out on our first trek. Not all but a large amount of the forest is secondary subsequently due to the great Borneo forest fires years ago, but ironically it has actually greatly increased one's chances of seeing Orangutan there due to the parks reduction. Within 30 minutes the ranger round several orangutans directly above us and while they rarely come to the ground, they came within a few meters of us. We also saw a black and white snake, beautiful mushrooms, monitors, and macaques and during the night safari we saw a beautifully coloured kingfisher, as well several large spiders and a tarantula. Walking through the jungle to the sounds of the forest and in the midst of the moonlight is definitely something I would recommend to the adventure traveler!

Edwin J, Februari 2016

After reading several, not so positive, reviews about the Kutai National Park I was a bit reticence to go there but I had a nice surprise and absolutely loved it. Here you have a chance to see orangutans in the wild. I didn't see any during my morning trek but saw 3, including a baby one, in the afternoon. The park itself is beautiful and quite, not many tourists there. The accommodation, at the rangers house, is basic but it's clean and has everything you need. I went there on a private tour so the guide cooked for me. If you are on your own, you have to buy food before going there, there's nothing there, it's totally isolated. You can use the ranger's kitchen. It was wonderful to have my breakfast looking at monkeys and water monitor lizards. I definitely recommend this place, despite being difficult to reach. It was a long journey, but totally worth every minute. The rangers and family are very nice, I felt welcomed and safe.

Mark L, September 2016

Trekking into Kutai National Park and seeing wild orangutan was really one of the highlight experience in my life. I have been there in two occasions and I wish I could go for more.

John T, Januari 2017