Sebangau National Park

Where The Black Water Exist

Sebangau National Park

Sebagau National Park is representative of peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan province is relatively intact. This area has the characteristics unique ecosystems, in terms of structure and soil type, topography, hydrology, flora, and fauna. It is estimated that around 6,500 hinggal 9,000 wild populations spread over an area almost as large as Jakarta is dominated by these peat forests. Peat depth ranging from 3 meters to 12 meters.

This region is supporting three dareah Watershed (DAS), the DAS Katingan, Sebangau, and DAS Kahayan. Ecologically, the DAS distributes the hydrological function for the benefit of irrigation, agriculture, fisheries, drinking water supply needs of the local and surrounding areas, as well as supporting activities river transport which is the main transport people in the villages around the area Sebangau


Things to do

Wild Orangutan and Bird Viewing
River Cruising
Interact With Locals




If you're a nature lover, this place can be your good option. You can do river cruise by motor boat. There is also a camp inside the National Park, usually use by researchers to stay. If you are interested to stay there, you can ask your tour guide or local people. It is a nice place for nature lover. With peatland ecosystem which has unique characteristic.

Vero B, Mei 2016

Was in Sebangau today and I really liked the boatride through the area and the trekking. The boat ride on the river through the peat lands was beautiful but also a bit sad as it was clear that all the large trees had been felled during the time it was a big logging consession. We saw various varieties of kingfisher, flycatchers and many swifts. During the hike in the peat-swam forest we had a great sighting of a large male orangutang, who was definitely displeased with our presence and was making that clear with sounds and shaking trees and branches. Make sure you are well prepared with good trekking sandals, insect repellent, a hat, sunscreen and binoculars.

Robbert Y, Agustus 2016

You access the real heart of the park via the Katingan River and will see the black water lakes and prolific birdlife and wildlife. So lovely!

David H, Januari 2017