Togean Islands National Park

The Hidden Paradise of Togean

Togean Islands National Park

Togean Island National Marine Park which consists of forests and aquatic area. Togean Islands is the unity ecosystem of small islands that have high value marine biodiversity, which include rare and endemic species. Togean Islands area is the habitat of 262 species of coral, 596 species of fish, 555 species of mollusks, and 363 species of flora.

Designation of Togean Islands National Marine Park area is one of the efforts in maintaining balance and environmental sustainability in Tojo Una-Una (Tomini), in particular saving potential of typical and endemic flora and fauna in Togean Island, sustaining hydrological function, optimizing the utilization of marine resources, and supporting the development of regional economy (tourism and fishing). Minister of Tourism and Culture has declared this region as a region " Excellence National Maritime Ecotourism" (“Ekowisata Bahari Unggulan Nasional”) and "Gerbang Mina Bahari".


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Very beautiful place. The connectivity is a bit challenging. The available accommodations were basic. Very good place for those who love sea, snorkeling, and diving.

Gladien S, September 2016

It is the beautifull place for snorkling or diving. The coral are very nice as well as the colurfull fish. We will never see all the nice view here because so many point for snorkling even we can discover new points for diving. The tourist bussiness just give adventages for very fiew people and most of them not indegenous people. All stake holders must be care and safe Togean. 

Randy F, Desember 2016

It was a great place for diving. Even thought it took a long time and lack of transportation choices to reach there, by the time you arrived, all your fatigues will be gone. It was a really breathtaking place. and it was a really nice place to do diving.

Sasha R, Januari 2017