Gandang Dewata National Park

The Virgin Forest

Gandang Dewata National Park

Gandang Dewata mount is located in West Sulawesi often called as the virgin forest. This area is covered 214,201 hectares and the altitude reaches 3,307 meters above sea level along the steep terrain makes mountain forests difficult to reach by the layman. The land area of 187 hectares of Mount Gandang Dewata West Sulawesi province, Mamasa established as national park by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2016.

In the forest area can be found various types of giant trees, medicinal plants, tree resin, pitcher plants (Nepenthes alata), various types of mushrooms and forest orchids, tree kalpataru (Barringtonia Asiatica) and even some types of plants that have not known his name scientifically. In addition to its unique flora, PGD is also the habitat of various species of fauna or wildlife endemic to Sulawesi as dwarf buffalo (Bubalus quarlesi), squirrels Mountains (Tupaia montana), wild boar (Sus scrofa), pig deer (Babyrousa) and more than 100 types of species to birds.

This region is the main habitat of the dwarf buffalo population is nearing extinction. When you are traveling in the area of Gandang Dewata, you can enjoy the beauty of the forest ecology of Sulawesi.


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