Lore Lindu National Park

One of The Wonders of The World

Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National Park is one of the five most important conservation areas in eastern Indonesia. This area is habitat for endemic birds to Sulawesi and represented 91% of the diversity of terrestrial mammals. There is also a water source, that is from Lake Lindu, which annually indirectly has proven to contribute billions of rupiah for the economy of Central Sulawesi. Lore Lindu area also has many megalith relics places from prehistoric times, both in and around the region. Therefore, UNESCO set this area as World Heritage Site.


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The forest is lovely and very thick and because it is in the highlands, the temperature is pleasantly cool.

Stephanie R, Maret 2015

The forest and views are stunning, also the wildlife, if you see it. This means going deep in the forest, with a local guide. In some valleys are archeological sights: statues of stone, and big stone jars, like the ones in east Laos'Plain of Jars. How old? Something between 500 and a 1000 years? Sitting down with them for a coffee (home-grown) makes your own world strange and far.

Frank D., Juni 2015

If you've read about Megaliths, Maleo, Tarsius, Hornbill, Satanic Nightjar, Nepanthes i won't add more about those beautiful creatures.

I would like to add a few things, on the Trans Sulawesi road you'll passed a Kampung Bali. I tell you, you have to ask your local guide to stop and enjoy it awhile. A taste of Bali in Sulawesi are awesome.

Tarsius only come out at night, i tell you that rain sometimes happen and Tarsius won't get out. Spend at least two night just in case. You won't regret to stay in Kamarora Village too, it's beautiful.

You may notice a lot of Churches from various denomination on your way, ask to stop on one of a wooden walled Church. You won't find it anywhere else in Indonesia.

During a homestay, please be kind and told the parents if they have a kids you would love to let them learn a few English or your language. Tell em stories about you, your job your country.

Eric W., Agustus 2015